We wash cars, and we’re great at it. We do a quality job in a short amount of time, so you don’t have to spend your time waiting for us to finish your car. We provide a variety of amenities, including free computer use, great gift shopping and massaging chair, while you wait. We offer a selection of wash options, but even our most basic wash will get your car looking clean and shiny both inside and out. We’re always happy to satisfy any special requests you might have as well.

Foam Wash In a hurry, get your vehicle’s exterior washed and get on your way in about 5-Minutes! Our service is fast, our staff is friendly and the best at getting your vehicle clean. We will wash the outside of your vehicle in our state of the art tunnel, hand dry it and get you on your way. The perfect wash for those days when you just don’t have the time for a more complete full-service cleaning experience.

We provide additional services as well such as waxing and other express detail offerings (see link here to express detail menu) to protect your car’s surfaces and give it that extra bit of shine. If you have any special requests, just ask, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Rossmoor Spray WaxThis has long been a customer favorite at Rossmoor Car Wash. The reason you ask… It is a terrific way of putting some wax on your car when you just don’t have time! We apply a high-tech spray wax, by hand, using actual paint guns as your car exits the tunnel. The product is manufactured to be worked into the paint while the finisher dries your car… thus taking no extra time to really put some wax on your car! This wash package includes the Diamond wash package as well. Your car will look fantastic!

Fine Print: Cars with significant oxidation will not benefit from this package. Let us get that junk off your car first. Save your paint from damage today! Ask us how we can help you with this…. See our Triple Step Express Detail.

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Includes the "Works" Carwash Package
3-Step Process - Starting at $130.00*

Our latest Express Detail offering, The Rossmoor Car Wash Triple Step is an ideal way to keep your car detailed quickly and at a great price! We will have multiple members of our express detail team (all Meguiar’s trained) give your car the rejuvenation and protection it needs. If you never seem to have time for a detail, now you do – our team can get all this done for you in about 30-40 minutes after your car exits the tunnel.  We designed this service expressly for our customers who don't have the time and want to save some money!


Step 1 - We remove surface contamination (including oxidation) from your paint by hand using a professional "Clay Bar". 
Step 2 - Next we use an orbital polisher utilizing the finest Meguiar’s professional detail products to help restore the showroom appearance by removing light scratches and other blemishes.
Step 3 - Finally, we apply an upgraded Meguiar’s premium wax, giving your car the wax protection it so desperately needs.

*Larger Vehicles Are Extra

Fine Print: The majority of the cars we see go through the car wash need this service. Many cars are in need of some extra "Full Service" detail work. Don’t worry, we can deal with that in our Full Service Detail Department but you will need to leave the car for that.

interior auto detailOur Meguiar's certified detailers will clean your car's interior from top to bottom and restore your cabin to a like-new condition. All carpets, interior surfaces and seats are serviced with a variety of processes combined to create a refreshed and immaculate environment. We use a a combination of gentle steam cleaning and many times will perform a heated extraction processes utilizing a professional grade carpet and upholstery equipment - as needed to fully ensure no dirt is left behind.  No bucket, brush and shop vac here!  We only use fine and gentle specialty detail brushes to clean air vents and other interior areas requiring that gentle touch.

We will apply specialized dressings and protectants for each material in your car, not a greasy one size fits all type of product.  Our treatments help maintain the superb cleanliness of your vehicle, extend the life of your vehicle’s interior by protecting it from UV damage and other deteriorating effects and provide a glossy finish to your car’s inner surfaces that is sure to impress all of your passengers.  Our technicians are trained on how to clean and nourish leather correctly.  This is highly important if your leather is to last.

Exterior Auto DetailWhether you’re trying to sell your car, impress your boss or your friends, surprise your spouse or you just like your car looking like new, we can help you. Your car generally requires an Exterior Detail at least once a year.

1. First, we will spend 20-30 minutes just prepping your wheel wells and brightening your rims before we even wash the vehicle.

2. Next step is giving your car our top Diamond Wash package (included).

3. We will then remove surface contamination, including oxidation build up by hand claying the entire paint surface using a professional grade clay bar.

4. Next is an orbital polishing (Rotary buffing is available if required at an extra cost) of the paint to bring back its original luster.

5. A final application of a Meguiar's Professional wax will seal in the luster and offer you the wax protection your freshly detailed car requires.

6.  Lastly, we will dress your tires and appropriate plastics with the best high-silicone dressing we can buy!

Our professional detail technicians are all trained by a Meguiar's Master Trainer.  Of course our detail manager will not only supervise the process but will certify that all work has been completed correctly and meets our high standards before calling you to come see your car like you have likely never seen it since seeing it on the new car lot!  You will love it - we guarantee it!

Meguiar's complete detail Every detail shop under the sun talks about a complete detail. We have found that most of them are lacking in quality and the price usually matches what you receive. Don’t be fooled, make sure whomever details your car is trained. At Rossmoor Car Wash & Detail, our detail technicians must complete a rigorous training program taught by a Meguiar’s Master trainer. They will use the finest detail products and methods to make your car look as close to show room new as they can.

In our Ultimate Meguiar's Full-Service Complete Detail, we combine our exterior detail with an interior detail and give you the ultimate… at a cost savings we might add. By combining both services, you not only save money, but you recondition your vehicle inside and out. The Ultimate is an extensive detailing service (usually taking a minimum of 4 hours to complete). We recommend you perform this service at least once a year. You won’t regret the investment.

Why buy a new car when you can make yours look new today?  Almost every week, we have a customer who tells us they are selling their car and want it detailed only to change their mind when they witness the total rejuvenation of their vehicle.  Don't believe us, see our testimonials here.

clean carpetsAfter years of use and/or a few unfortunate accidents, your car’s carpets and upholstery may have reached the point that no amount of vacuuming will ever make them look clean again. Hope is not lost, however. Rossmoor Car Wash’s Extreme Carpet Cleaning will extract the dirt from your carpets as well as remove many of the most stubborn stains. This process cleans fabric-upholstered seats as well.

We hand treat stains first and then address the issues head on! No bucket and brush treatments like the other guys here? Our treatments penetrate deep into your carpet and upholstery fibers and doesn’t give the dirt and grime a chance! By using a combination of steam and heated extraction, our process is so powerful, so thorough and so effective; it’ll remove most everything in your carpet or upholstery that isn’t part of your carpet.

Hand Wax

Periodic waxing of your vehicle can significantly extend the life of your car’s paint. A wax barrier can reflect ultraviolet rays, which causes paint to more rapidly deteriorate. It can also shield the body of your car from corrosive elements in the atmosphere and in biological products such as insect splatter and bird droppings.  We are always disappointed when we see a car come in for a car wash that has been neglected (losing its paint) and we can tell that the customer has rarely if ever waxed the vehicle.

Wax provides a physical barrier to absorb abrasive contact with the elements that might otherwise result in paint scratches. If all of these reasons aren’t enough, wax is a low-cost way to seal in the luster of your freshly cleaned car.

Every car manufacturer recommends that you wax your vehicle every 6-16 weeks.  Don't believe us?  Open up that manual and see for yourself.  So come into Rossmoor Car Wash & Detail and get a professional coat of a Meguiar's wax product applied to your car the right way.

Our guarantee: If you ask for a hand wax and we see that it would be a waste of money to do so (due to oxidation build up etc.) we will tell you so and suggest we remove the problems first so that the wax can adhere to your paint correctly.  This is part of the integrity we have and have been offering our customers for over 50 years now!

Clear CoatWhile wax is an excellent way to protect your car and enhance its beauty, even the most resilient waxes need to be applied every couple of months at a minimum. A Synthetic Paint Sealant, however, can last up to six months or more. If you drive your car a lot and don’t have the time to get it washed and waxed as often as you should or would like to, we highly recommend that you consider having us apply a coat of this Meguair’s professional Synthetic Paint Sealant (only available to detailing professionals).

Clear coat paint protection significantly extends the life of your car’s paint. A professional paint sealant will reflect damaging ultraviolet rays. It also prevents corrosive elements in the atmosphere and your driving environment from attacking your vehicle’s paint and will help prevent your car’s paint from being scratched by dirt and debris. It will give your car a shiny, glossy look for months at a time. By the way, this is the same type of product that new car dealers charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for with names like Armor Guard etc. At Rossmoor Car Wash Detail Center, we tell you exactly what the product will do and what it won’t, while they will make outrageous guarantees that don’t hold water!

Let us Steam and Sanitize Your Mats. ( Buy 3 Get 1 FREE)

We first spot clean any stains and then we use a 300 degree steam machine to do a deep STEAM and SANATIZING of your mats.

$5.00 Each for Carpet Mats | $3.00 Each for Rubber Mats

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