As Rossmoor Car Wash enters its' 51st year in business, we find ourselves in an extreme mood of gratefulness to our loyal customers. Although we are extremely proud of our longevity, we don't however take your loyalty for granted. It remains our goal to continue to find new ways to wow you. Whether it is through improved cleaning or polishing methods or through a better customer experience, we are always on the lookout to improve.

If you haven't been by in awhile, you may not be aware that we have a brand new Express Detail Service, the Rossmoor Car Wash Triple Step Express. What is that exactly? It is a service we designed to assist the customer who never has time to detail the exterior of their car. We get the following done in about 30 min after your car is washed: We star by including our top wash package, our Diamond Wash. Step 1 is a Hand Clay treatment - which removes bonded contaminants from the paints surface, including oxidation. Step 2 is an orbital polishing which helps restore shine and may remove some minor scratches. Lastly, we apply a Meguiiar's Wax Protection. We are getting tremendous feedback on this service and encourage you to check it out next time you come in!

By the way, if you haven't signed up to receive our email offers and specials. Do so today on the website. We will send you exclusive specials for car wash, detail and even in store offers. We promise not to inundate you with emails, probably only once or twice a month tops. In any case, thank you again for your business. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Brad Hooper, Managing Partner                     Alex Quiroz, Manager

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