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Signature Wash Included on All Detail Packages!

Meguiar’s Ultimate Complete Detail

Starting Price* = $269.00 • Lg.Cars/Sm. Trucks/SUVs* = $279.00 • Lg. Trucks/SUVs/Mini-Vans = $289.00

Take the Exterior Detail and combine it with the Interior Detail and you have the Ultimate! By purchasing both services, you not only save money, but you recondition your vehicle inside and out. The Ultimate is an extensive detailing service that we recommend you perform approximately once a year in order to keep your car looking as close to show room new that you can.

Meguiars Detail

Exterior Detail

Starting Price* = $169.00 •Lg.Cars/Sm. Trucks/SUVs* = $179.00 • Lg. Trucks/SUVs/Mini-Vans = $189.00

This is the ultimate in reconditioning your vehicle’s paint through our thorough 2-step surface cleaning process. Imagine a perfectly smooth paint surface following a Meguiar's hand-claying service, polished and gleaming with most defects removed using our orbital polisher and application of premium Meguiar’s wax for lasting protection. Also includes: Exterior Dressing, Rim Brightening Treatment, & Wheel Well Cleaning.

exterior detail

Interior Detail

Starting Price* = $169.00 • Lg.Cars/Sm. Trucks/SUVs* = $179.00 • Lg. Trucks/SUVs/Mini-Vans* = $189.00

Our Meguiar’s certified detailers will clean your interior from top to bottom and restore your cabin to a like-new condition. All carpets and cloth seats are cleaned with a variety of processes (steam cleaning and extraction) combined to create a refreshed and clean interior. All surfaces (plastic, vinyl, leather ect.) are given an individualized treatment. No shortcuts here! We will apply specialized conditioners and protectants for each material in your car. We use fine soft detailing brushes in the hard to reach crevices and give your car back clean and healthier for its occupants!

interior detail


Starting Price* = $169.00 • Lg.Cars/Sm. Trucks* = $179.00 • Lg. Trucks/Suvs/Mini-Vans* = $189.00

This mini, yet powerful little detail package begins with our Signature Wash. We will give your paint surface a smooth as glass Meguiar’s Clay Service to remove contaminants. Next we will protect the paint with an upgraded Meguiar’s premium Carnauba wax treatment. In addition, we deep clean your vehicles floor mats and apply a quality protectant/dressing to the interior surfaces.

clay step 1


Meguiar’s Premium Polymer Paint Sealant

Reg. Price $100.00

With Discount $75.00

This is the same type of sealant the new car dealers try to sell you for hundreds of dollars! A unique blend of polymers, silicones and imported waxes create a brilliant high gloss finish that outlasts all other waxes. Depending on how you treat your car (i.e. garaging and regular washing) this protection can last up to 6 months.

Ozone Odor Eliminator Service

Reg. Price $60.00

With Discount $50.00

This service will eliminate odors from pets, smoke etc., and will actually kill dangerous mildew and spores that hide in your air-conditioning ducts.

Engine Cleaning (Waiver Required)

Reg. Price $60.00

With Discount $50.00

This is a service that we don’t necessarily recommend, however some customers insist on a sparkling engine compartment. Our certified Meguiar’s detailers are trained to tape of your electrical boxes and conduct a cleaning using both chemicals and steam cleaning. Like anyone who conducts this service, we require the customer to sign a release for this service. We’ve never had an issue, but we must insist on the release.

Meguiar’s Fabric Protectant (Like Scotch Guard©)

Reg. Price $60.00

With Discount $50.00

Seats must be clean before fabric protectant can be added.

Leather Treatment :

Reg. Price $60.00

Using the finest leather cleaners and conditioners, your car’s leather will be nourished and protected.

Rim Polishing:

By Estimate at shop rate of $65/hr.


Removal of Paint Overspray, Tar, Grease, Tree Sap or Water Spots

By Estimate

* Actual prices based on size and condition of vehicle.

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