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Community involvement is very important to us. Throughout the year, we are approached by hundreds of organizations seeking contributions. For over 30 years, Rossmoor Car Wash & Detail has faithfully supported these organizations in our community with donations of gift certificates and services for their Silent Auctions and Opportunity Drawings. Several years ago, we decided to begin offering what we think are some of the easiest and most effective fundraising programs in order to address the ever growing dilemma of how to raise funds for our communities non-profits . Our goal is to help as many groups as we can, and in a multitude of ways whenever possible. We understand, raising money for your organization can be a challenging process. That is why we have created two exciting options where your group can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Through the Helping Hands Program, your organization can raise money while giving a valuable service everyone can use. Your organization has the opportunity to profit up to 50% of the total dollars sold by offering your potential supporters a pre-authorized Diamond Wash “Gift Card”. Our secondary fundraising program is one in which you offer your supporters a personalized coupon that they redeem for a discounted Diamond Wash package. The coupon, when redeemed, results in a 35% profit for your group. We will explain these options in greater detail below.


Why Should You Choose The Helping Hands Program?

  • It’s an easy way to raise large sums of money – and quickly!
  • Profit up to 50% of total sales.
  • You are offering a service, not a product that can spoil.
  • Partner with an established, local company who has been serving the community for over 30 years!
  • Making NO financial investment! Rossmoor Car Wash covers the expense of the program.

Let the professionals give a quality car wash – while not polluting our OCEAN like “parking lot” charity fundraisers do. We recycle – (More Info below) No more tired fundraising campaigns selling magazines or candy bars! You have nothing to lose, but much to gain!


Which Program Is Best For My Organization?

Each program has its strengths. It really comes down to how much money your group needs to fundraise. If your group’s goal is to raise $1000 or more, we highly recommend the “Diamond Wash Gift Card” fundraiser program.


The “Diamond Wash Gift Card” Program:

The big selling point here is that your group can earn up to 50% of every ticket you sell, depending on how you choose to sell it. Your group can choose to operate this program a few different ways. What differentiates this from the “Coupon” program is that you know exactly what you’ve earned at any given moment and you are not relying on supporters to follow through with redeeming a coupon. One of the first youth sports groups that utilized this particular fundraiser raised $7,150.00 in only 30 days!

Option 1: Your group can receive our pre-authorized Diamond Wash “Gift Cards” in 100 card increments. The cards can then be sold at full-price. Your group will earn $15.00 for each card sold! If your group sells only 100 cards – you’ve earned $1,500.00! The group is given 30 days to sell the 100 cards and NO money is required up front. You are given a full month to work the program, while settling up at the end.

Option 2: This is a variation of option 1, where your group utilizes “Pre-Sell” forms, much like the Girl Scouts do in selling their cookies. At the end of a specified time, you can order the exact amount of wash cards that were ordered. We can fill you in on all the details if you like.

Option 3: This is the option that has been proven to work the best for most groups. Rossmoor Car Wash provides you artwork for CUSTOMIZED flyers that explain that your group is seeking $20 DONATIONS for your group’s cause. As a thank you for the donation, the group gives their donors a $30.00 Diamond Wash Gift Card! What makes this option unique is that there is NO selling going on! The group member is asking the potential supporter for a donation, not to buy anything. Best of all, as a thank you, the donor receives a “Gift Card” valued at more than the donation! It’s really a no-brainer from a value standpoint, not to mention the fact that they receive the satisfaction of partnering with you in your fundraising effort! We have found that groups choosing this option tend to sell 2- 5 times more this way. Remember, in this option, your group makes slightly less profit per card ($5.00) – but our experience proves out that the groups will make so much more profit. It is not uncommon for some of the larger groups to earn between $5000 - $10,000 in one short campaign. This option can also be done utilizing “pre-sell” forms as well.

Remember, no matter which option you choose, your supporters have the benefit of utilizing the card themselves or giving it as a gift to a neighbor, co-worker, or friend. The gift card can actually be used as a full $30.00 credit toward an Express Hand Wax if they so desired. All of the details are explained on the flyer. Lastly, the cards are valid for a full year, so your supporters can redeem it at their leisure.


Coupon Fundraiser

Though popular (due to its simplicity), our “Coupon” program is generally less productive in raising funds. This is due to the fact that not all of your supporters will redeem the coupons they’ve been given (your group is limited to 200 personalized coupons). In this program, your group earns 35% of the discounted package wash coupon (the coupon gives the supporter a $5.00 discount off the Diamond Wash) or $7.50 per coupon for a maximum payout of $1500. It has been our experience that most groups average a 35-75% redemption rate. If your group need only raise $300 - $900, this option may be the one for you.


Helpful Tips – Getting Started

1. Establish a Goal – How much money does your organization NEED or WANT to raise.
2. Designate a Captain/Administrative person – our primary contact.
3. Establish a Fundraising Timeline – up to 30 Days for each 100 Card Contract in the “Diamond Wash Gift Card Program” or up to 90 Days in the Coupon Program.
4. Choose between the two fundraising options and contact Rossmoor Car Wash (562) 430-4975 to ask questions and/or get the process started.
5. Download, print and sign the contract (below), pick up your tickets and other helpful tools. Contracts must be submitted at least a week in advance for process.
6. SELL, SELL, SELL your tickets - or selectively hand out your coupons! It’s that easy!

Fundraising Contracts

Click here to download the RCW Coupon Fundraising Contract.

Click here to download the RCW Gift Card Fundraising Contract.



Did You Know

That by partnering with Rossmoor Car Wash as opposed to conducting a “Parking Lot” car wash, your group is helping to SAVE OUR OCEAN? Most “fundraiser” car washes are held in parking lots, which are not designed to collect or treat storm drain run-off. Pollution generated from parking lot car washes goes down the city’s storm drains. This untreated water and the pollutants it carries go directly into the ocean. Potential car wash pollutants such as engine and brake residue, vehicle exhaust, tar, oils, caustic cleaning chemicals, and soap, which contains phosphates, chlorine, and other non-biodegradable ingredients that are toxic to fish and other marine animals are in essence dumped right into our ocean’s eco-system. As many municipalities struggle to comply with the Federal Government’s NPDES rules which seek to eliminate contaminated waste from going untreated into our local waterways – more an more are choosing (like the city of San Diego) to ban charity parking lot car washing all together.

Professional car washes drain used water directly into the city’s sewer system where the water is treated. Rossmoor Car Wash goes one-step further. We reclaim and filter our water so it can be used several times. As a result, Rossmoor Car Wash uses on average between 20-45 less gallons then a typical parking lot car wash. Unquestionably, car wash fundraisers can be a valuable activity for community groups to raise needed funds. Partnering with the professionals at Rossmoor Car Wash is a great way to conduct a fundraising event while avoiding the pollution that parking lot car washes can produce.

We realize that this flyer can’t answer every question. So, we encourage you to call and ask for Alex Quiroz or Delfina Vertugo. Either one of is available to answer any of your questions. We are also willing to attend your group’s meeting to fully explain the program and answer all questions. All you have to do is ask. We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts and look forward to partnering with your group. We are so thankful to be part of such a wonderful community. Thank you for your interest in our Helping Hands Fundraising Program and for all of the work you do in making our community so special.



Rossmoor Carwash makes a difference in the community
"I have been working closely with the great people at Rossmoor Carwash on fundraisers since 2008, first with the Los Alamitos High School Boys Golf Team, and more recently with the Jazz Band Program at the school. Simply put, it's a "win/win/win" for everyone. The organizations earn money effortlessly for the kids, the patrons get a "Diamond" wash at a great price, and Rossmoor Carwash makes a difference in the community. Many thanks to Brad, Cary, Delfina, and the whole crew for your efforts in supporting our group and all the other organizations."

- Bob Hirschhorn


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