Clear Coat Paint Protector

Clear CoatWhile wax is an excellent way to protect your car and enhance its beauty, even the most resilient waxes need to be applied every couple of months at a minimum. A Synthetic Paint Sealant, however, can last up to six months or more. If you drive your car a lot and don’t have the time to get it washed and waxed as often as you should or would like to, we highly recommend that you consider having us apply a coat of this Meguair’s professional Synthetic Paint Sealant (only available to detailing professionals).

Clear coat paint protection significantly extends the life of your car’s paint. A professional paint sealant will reflect damaging ultraviolet rays. It also prevents corrosive elements in the atmosphere and your driving environment from attacking your vehicle’s paint and will help prevent your car’s paint from being scratched by dirt and debris. It will give your car a shiny, glossy look for months at a time. By the way, this is the same type of product that new car dealers charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for with names like Armor Guard etc. At Rossmoor Car Wash Detail Center, we tell you exactly what the product will do and what it won’t, while they will make outrageous guarantees that don’t hold water!

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