Upholstery Cleaning

clean carpetsAfter years of use and/or a few unfortunate accidents, your car’s carpets and upholstery may have reached the point that no amount of vacuuming will ever make them look clean again. Hope is not lost, however. Rossmoor Car Wash’s Extreme Carpet Cleaning will extract the dirt from your carpets as well as remove many of the most stubborn stains. This process cleans fabric-upholstered seats as well.

We hand treat stains first and then address the issues head on! No bucket and brush treatments like the other guys here? Our treatments penetrate deep into your carpet and upholstery fibers and doesn’t give the dirt and grime a chance! By using a combination of steam and heated extraction, our process is so powerful, so thorough and so effective; it’ll remove most everything in your carpet or upholstery that isn’t part of your carpet.

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