Hand Wax

Hand Wax

Periodic waxing of your vehicle can significantly extend the life of your car’s paint. A wax barrier can reflect ultraviolet rays, which causes paint to more rapidly deteriorate. It can also shield the body of your car from corrosive elements in the atmosphere and in biological products such as insect splatter and bird droppings.  We are always disappointed when we see a car come in for a car wash that has been neglected (losing its paint) and we can tell that the customer has rarely if ever waxed the vehicle.

Wax provides a physical barrier to absorb abrasive contact with the elements that might otherwise result in paint scratches. If all of these reasons aren’t enough, wax is a low-cost way to seal in the luster of your freshly cleaned car.

Every car manufacturer recommends that you wax your vehicle every 6-16 weeks.  Don't believe us?  Open up that manual and see for yourself.  So come into Rossmoor Car Wash & Detail and get a professional coat of a Meguiar's wax product applied to your car the right way.

Our guarantee: If you ask for a hand wax and we see that it would be a waste of money to do so (due to oxidation build up etc.) we will tell you so and suggest we remove the problems first so that the wax can adhere to your paint correctly.  This is part of the integrity we have and have been offering our customers for over 50 years now!

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