Not All Car Washes Are the Same

A dirty car is more than just an issue of appearance. Keeping your car clean is a vital part of the maintenance your car requires to keep it looking good and running smoothly for years to come. Grime and dirt on your vehicle can abrade the paint protecting your car’s body, causing it to begin to wear away. Atmospheric acids from rainwater, bird droppings and insect splatters can also hasten the deterioration of the paint on your vehicle.

Chemicals in the dust your car collects can cause exposed metal surfaces to rust and corrode. Dirt increases the friction in your vehicle’s moving parts, increasing the rate of wear of various components.


In addition to extending the life of your car, regular car washing can also improve your frame of mind. Whether we like it or not, most of us in Southern California spend several hours inside of our cars every week. Just like your homes and your workplaces, you want your car to be a well-kept environment. Having clean surroundings during your daily commute can help you arrive at work and at home in a better mood.

You realize cleaning your car is important, but who really has time? You obviously don’t because it’s been on your to-do list for weeks or perhaps months now, and you still haven’t gotten around to it. It’s time to finally get your car cleaned the easy way. Wait indoors in the comfort of a leather chair while your car is thoroughly cleaned inside and out in a fraction of the time it would take you. State-of-the-art machinery will wash your car in minutes while our car care professionals prove our 10 point promise.

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